Project Description

A 35 unit, multi-family residential development with 11 live-work units facing Dixie Highway being used as special retail.  Our services included site planning, earthwork plans, grading and drainage plans, water and sewer plans, assistance with zoning process with the City of West Palm Beach and water management and drainage approvals with the City of West Palm Beach and S.F.W.M.D. Our services during construction included assistance with site work bidding, the contractor selection process and coordination between the various consultants.  Our design included detention/retention systems, flood attenuation and compliance with water quality criteria.  Additional design includes sizing of stormwater drainage conveyance system, control structures, discharge control and connection to existing federal, state and local surface waters, as well as a looped dual water main system with separate lines for water distribution and fire protection.

Antique Row
City of West Palm Beach, Florida
Label & Company
Services: Drainage studies, paving and drainage design, utility system design, site roadway design, site plan approval process assistance, construction documents, construction phase consulting, project management, contract administration, record drawings, shop drawing review, construction observation, and value engineering

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